Pumpstation Professionals specializes in irrigation pump stations for Golf Courses. As a distributor and licensed technician for all the major brands of pump stations, we can help you design the best solution for your needs.  We can also design a retro-fit solution that will save you thousands of dollars.

When we combine our services with those of our sister company, Municipal Well and Pump, we are the only contractor in the Midwest that can handle all your water system needs from the well to the pump to the reservoir to the irrigation system.

Here is a summary of all our combined services:

         Pumpstation Professionals 

    • Customized Pump Station Design
    • Pump Station Installation - New or Retrofits
    • Electrical Controls & VFD's
    • Pump & Motor - Installation & Repair
    • Preventative Maintenance
    • System Startups
    • Aerators & Fountains
    • 24 Hour Emergency Service

    Municipal Well & Pump  
    • Well & Pump System Design
    • Well Drilling
    • Well Rehabilitation
    • Pump & Motor - Installation & Repair
    • Prevenative Maintenance
    • 24 Hour Emergency Service