Pumpstation Professionals, through our sister company Municipal Well and Pump, specializes in constructing deep, large-diameter test and production wells. Our 2008 Foremost DR24HD (shown below) is a dual-rotary drill rig capable of barber or open hole drilling.  We can drill with Air, mud, reverse circulation, down the hold casing hammer or drill through casing hammer.  The rigs flexibility in drilling methods and its reverse circulation technology allows MWP to specialize in keeping sites clean (no water or cuttings leave the drill site) and keep the noise down as we do not require multiple air compressors for deep hole drilling.

In addition to our rotary drilling capability, MWP can provide cable tool/Percussion Drilling.  Our rigs accommodate diameters from 4" to 42" and depths to over 2,500 feet.  They are ideal for working over existing pump-house structures for rehabilitation or reconstruction of existing wells.

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