Pumpstation Professionals is your solution to solving those annual spring startups.  We have developped a comprehensive system maintenance and startup checklist that helps your system work more efficiently and more dependably throughout the year.  You cannot afford to have your system fail during the hot summer month - when your really need water.  So, let us help you start up your pump station every year and identify any of the potential problems that may occur. 

 Here are all the steps the PSP Annual System Startup includes:

o        Meg Test on each pump
o        Vibration Test of each pump
o        Change Oil in Motors
o        Lube bearings
o        Pump packing adjusted
o        Check water flow through stuffing box
o        Check & tighten all wiring in control cabinet
o        Test all fuses
o        Test surge arrester
o        Dynamic flow test
o        Pressure test
o        Amp test 

 -          Each pump and motor is checked individually and then at the end of the start-up all are check collectively.
-          All the results are logged and reported back to you in a final report. This allows us to compare results from year to year.

If you need help with your system startups - give us a call at (800) 383-7412, or email us.  It could be the best investment you will make this year.