Project Specs:

Project Name: Prairie Woods Golf Course
Project Manager: Tony Mathweg
Type of service: Installation of new control panel
Where: Avalon, WI
Date completed: 08-2019

What was the Issue?

Prairie Woods Golf Course is a beautiful 18-hole course located outside a small town in southern Wisconsin. As with any golf course, aesthetics is important to keep customers coming back. Therefore, it was a major concern when the control panel used to manage their irrigation system was struck by lightning and had to be replaced.

Choosing not to run the irrigation system while they pursued a replacement wasn’t an option as the greens would burn up and dry up. Until they found a solution, they needed to run the irrigation system by hand.

Pumpstation Professionals Provides Upgrade

After reaching out for help, a current customer referred Prairie Woods to Pumpstation Professionals. We were able to come in and replace their control panel with new variable frequency drives (VFD’s) for their 25 hp and 50 hp pumps. We eliminated the across the line motor starters and electric butterfly valves (EBV’s) that were no longer needed for their new panel.

Working Together

To ensure there was a quick resolution, it was important the project was performed quickly. We worked closely with the golf course and insurance agency to make sure there were no problems/delays along the way.

Here are the steps we took.

  • Met with customer and reviewed site to determine the best option
  • Provided customer with proposal
  • Received approval from insurance company
  • Ordered and delivered new control panel
  • Removed old panel and installed new VFD control panel
  • Tested control panel and helped customer learn new system


Pumpstation Professionals’ solution saved Prairie Woods Golf Course over $22,000 by choosing a cost-effective control panel. This was all done while completing the project within the promised timeframe.