Project Specs:

Project Name: Christmas Mountain Well Project
Project Manager: Tony Mathweg
Type of service: Provide and install new irrigation well and pump station
Where: Wisconsin Dells, WI
Date completed: 11-2019

What was the Issue?

Christmas Mountain Village Resort, a 16-slope ski hill and 27-hole golf resort located just west of Wisconsin Dells uses two water wells to fill the irrigation pond connected to their pump station. This water is used to make snow during the winter months and irrigate the golf course during the rest of the year.

Their current well was not providing enough water so a second (larger) well was needed to supplement the existing one. This new well needed a capacity of 1,000 gpm which would make it the largest well in the county. No other wells in the area even produced at a rate of 500 gpm.

Pumpstation Professionals and Municipal Well & Pump

Having completed work for Christmas Mountain before, Pumpstation Professionals knew they could also help design and build this new well. Known for designing and installing pump stations, what some people don’t know is that Pumpstation Professionals is a division of Municipal Well & Pump, which gives them the ability to perform well drilling and well rehabilitation throughout Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa.

Having already designed wells with capacities greater than 1,000 gpm, Municipal Well & Pump was confident they could get the job done here too. A proposal was put together and sent to Christmas Mountain, that included materials, testing equipment and pump equipment.

Getting to Work

Christmas Mountain agreed to the proposal and Pumpstation Professionals and Municipal Well & Pump got down to work. The first step was determining the best location for the well and acquiring the proper permits for construction.

After receiving approval, a date was selected to start the well. Here are the steps that were taken.

  • Prepared for job and notified the DNR prior to the start of construction
  • Began well drilling and installed casing
  • Collected sedimentary samples every five feet. Final well depth of 495’
  • Installed 1000 gpm test pump and began testing to determine well hydraulics
  • Removed test pump and installed 100 HP submersible motor and Franklin pump
  • Performed one-hour well test to check the performance of the pump and well


Pumpstation Professionals, with help from Municipal Well & Pump, was able to reach Christmas Mountain’s goals by providing a 495’ and 14” diameter well with a 100 HP submersible well pump, capable of producing over 1,000 gpm. Combined with their existing well, their capacity needs are now being met.