Villa Olivia (Bartlett, IL) is an 18 hole golf course and a winter recreational area for snow tubing, skiing and snowboarding. They underwent a major renovation to their banquet facility, including the addition of a new ski lodge that was built in the fall of 2012. During this renovation period, the Bartlett Park District also invested in upgrading their pump stations for the golf course irrigation system along with installing a new Watertronics vertical turbine pump station for their ski hill snow making operation.

Pumpstation Professionals (PSP) worked closely with the Park District to develop a cost effective solution for this project.

Pumpstation Professionals removed the old snow making pump and antiquated control equipment that consumed the entire length of a wall. This interior wall was removed by PSP so that a new concrete base for the pump station could be installed.

Pumpstation Professionals used their expertise and equipment to move and lift the snow making pump station into the building and onto the elevated concrete pad. The Watertronics pump station uses two 150 HP vertical turbine booster pumps to deliver 1,200 gpm at 330 psi to the snow making equipment throughout the property. The new pump station uses only one of the two existing wet wells, which allows Villa Olivia the option to use the adjacent wet well for future expansion. The system uses premium efficiency motors and a variable frequency drive to provide energy efficient soft starting “surge free” sustained water pressure throughout the network of snow making equipment.

Pumpstation Professionals also proposed that the Park District continue using two separate pump stations instead of only one station to service the golf course and ski hill. PSP rebuilt and upgraded their existing Watertronics pump station for the golf course instead of purchasing a completely new system. The vertical turbine booster pumps were brought to our shop and repaired back to factory specifications. The golf course pump station was upgraded by installing a new Watertronics variable frequency drive control panel and new premium efficiency motors were installed on the booster pumps.

The project was completed in March, 2013

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