August of 2011 Trinity Christian College, Palos Heights, IL contracted with Municipal Well & Pump (and Pumpstation Professionals) to provide an Irrigation Supply System capable of producing 250gpm at 110psi.  Trinity was in the process of developing a section of land off from the Cal Sag Canal about a 1/2 mile from their main campus.  The Athletic field irrigation area covers 8 acres and includes 3 baseball fields, 3 softball fields, 3 soccer fields, tennis courts and golf range/practice area.

To provide enough water for irrigation, Municipal Well and Pump designed and drilled a 18" x 12" by 400' well.  A 40hp submersible pump set to 336 feet with a Baker pitless adapter was installed.  Then a pump house pad was poured and a Trachte pre-assmbled building was set in place to protect the system. At this point Pumpstation Professionals installed an ABB Variable Frequency Drive with a pressure transducer to control the well pump for maintaining the 110psi needed for the underground irrigation system.

The system was started up June 2012.

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