Project Highlights

During May of 2013, Indian Boundary Golf Course in Chicago, IL experienced extreme flooding on their course.  The water rose to such a level that their underground pump station control bunker was flooded with 4 feet of water.  Needless to say, the control panel failed. With golf season getting ready to start - they were without a working pump station.

Billy Casper Golf, who manages the course for Cook County Forest Preserve, called Pumpstation Professionals for immediate help.

First thing was to get them a workable irrigation system.  Pumpstation Professionals installed temporary starters, reran electrical and mounted a temporary panel on top of the bunker to get the system up and running within a week of the system flooding out.

As that was happening, Pumpstation Professionals worked with Watertronics to turn around a new control panel.  The new panel was taller than the previous one so the bunker roof had to be raised 16" to provide the necessary head room.  The system also includes an flooded alarm/pump system to make sure the flooding doesn't happen again.  The entire system was install in June and Indian Boundary was back up and running as normal for the rest of the season.


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